Blogging Resources

Anything and everything I use to run my blog! Sharing what tools I use from photography, web hosting, templates, filters, etc. Also including how to grow your Instagram, reaching out for collaborations, influencer networks, and FAQ's about NYFW. It's all here! It’s basically the behind-the-scenes mechanics for starting & maintaining a blog (of any type). I'm definitely no expert but I think sharing what has helped me could benefit you as well!


Establishing Your Niche:

Sorry not sorry, your going to have to do some research & planning to decide where you fit in! This industry is EXTREMELY saturated so finding out what is going to make you stand out and bring in those followers from around the world is what you should focus on first! Here are some things to consider. 

Buying Your Domain & Where To Host:

Configuring a domain that is right for you! Then finding the home for your cite.  Web hosting can be extremely tricky but certain sites make it easy for newcomers! Trust me I didn't know web design either, but here is how I learned. 

Screenshot 2017-03-27 13.02.02.png

Setting Up Your Brand Email:

Make it official, set up your brand email! This is going to be so important for your brand! Find out where I host my brand email and how I get it for FREE!